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Petits Trous Absinthe Spoon
Absinthe Spoon Petits Trous


Petits Trous Absinthe Spoon

The Petits Trous is cast brass with Silver plate. Gorgeous rounded nose holds sugar cube perfectly in place. Unique open tail style. Cut-outs have rough edges simulating antique look. Includes illustrated instructions for preparing your absinthe. 7 in

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The absinthe spoon or grille is used to prepare absinthe in the traditional French method of louching. To louche an absinthe, pour an ounce of absinthe into your glass and place your absinthe spoon atop the glass and a sugar cube on the spoon. Slowly pour or drip ice cold water from a fountain, carafe or brouilleur over the sugar cube. The addition of water dissolves the cube and lowers the alcohol concentration in the glass. As the alcohol concentration falls, the herbs and botanicals held in the absinthe are released turning the drink milky white forming the louche. While the louche is forming, you can enjoy the beautiful aroma of the botanicals being released.

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