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MCD   "Mnemosyne" Music To Trip Absinthe By
CD   "Sanguinem Mittere" Music To Sip Absinthe By
180BLK   180 Individually Wrapped Absinthe Sugar Cubes
1889   1889 Eiffel Tower Absinthe Spoon
3JP   3 Jade Pendent
60BLK   60 Individually Wrapped Absinthe Sugar Cubes
ACR   Absinthe Cork Remover
ADRS   Absinthe Dripper/Brouilleur Glass
CHDR   Absinthe Dripper/Brouilleur Metal
ADRXL   Absinthe Dripper/Brouilleur XL Glass
AFB   Absinthe Fairy Bracelet
AFP   Absinthe Fairy Pendant
AFTS   Absinthe Fairy T-Shirt
AFW   Absinthe Fairy Watch
CHGL   Absinthe Grille
AM   Absinthe Matches
ILP   Absinthe Mirror Poster (16 by 12 in)
AMPST   Absinthe Poster Alandia Maison (16 by 12 in)
PARPST   Absinthe Poster Belle Epoque (16 by 12 in)
EPST   Absinthe Poster Epoque (16 by 12 in)
FSPST   Absinthe Poster Franco-Suisse (16 by 12 in)
GDPST   Absinthe Poster Green Devil (36 by 24 in)
MVPST   Absinthe Poster Moulin Verte (16 by 12 in)
ARP   Absinthe Poster Robette (36 by 24 in)
S68PST   Absinthe Poster Strong 68 (16 by 12 in)
SVPST   Absinthe Poster Suisse Verte (33 by 23 in)
ASRGR   Absinthe Saucer (Sous Verre) Green
ASRLTB   Absinthe Saucer (Sous Verre) Light Blue
ASR   Absinthe Saucer (Sous Verre) Red
ASR3F15   Absinthe Saucer (Sous Verre) Red 3F15
BASRGR   Absinthe Saucer Green - BLEM
GSP   Absinthe Sipping Pipe Gold
CRS   Absinthe Spoon Crosses
LHSP   Absinthe Spoon Evantaille
CHFSP   Absinthe Spoon Feuille
FLS   Absinthe Spoon Fleche
SPH   Absinthe Spoon Holder (Fountain Quality)
LBS   Absinthe Spoon Le Beaute
DSP   Absinthe Spoon Leaf II
ASNA   Absinthe Spoon Necklace
CSCSP   Absinthe Spoon Suisse Cross
SH   Absinthe Sugar Holder (Fountain Quality)
ATS   Absinthe T-Shirt
AQTF   Aquitaine Absinthe Fountain 2 Spout
AQTFS   Aquitaine Absinthe Fountain Set 2 Spout
AQFF   Aquitaine Fee Absinthe Fountain 2 Spout
AQFFS   Aquitaine Fee Absinthe Fountain Set 2 Spout
JOBPST   Art Deco Job Poster (36 by 24 in)
LAPP   Art Deco La Plume Poster (36 by 24 in)
BRAG   Baroque Bubble Reservoir (Blown)
BOPE   Baroque Opulence Earrings
BOP   Baroque Opulence Pendant
B4   Bistro Absinthe Fountain 4/6 Spout
B4SS   Bistro Absinthe Fountain Set 4/6 Spout
BBAG   Bistro Absinthe Glass (Blown)
PER   Bistro Absinthe Glass (Molded)
BISSP   Bistro Absinthe Spoon
NBSP   Bistro Nouveau
B2   Bistro Petite Absinthe Fountain 2 Spout
B2S   Bistro Petite Absinthe Fountain Set 2 Spout
BPS   Brouilleur Petite
BTD   Brouilleur Terminus
PBR   Bubble Reservoir Glass (Blown)
LAS   Bumper Sticker "I Love Absinthe"
CRDSP   Card Style Absinthe Spoon
AFCSP   Collectors Edition Absinthe Spoon
CAG   Cordon Absinthe Glass
CRG   Coulette Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Blown)
CAC   Crystal Absinthe Chalice (Blown)
CULSP   Cuillere Absinthe Spoon
D4SP   Deluxe Absinthe Fountain 4 Spout
4SPS   Deluxe Absinthe Fountains & Sets 4 Spout
DBSP   Doubs Absinthe Spoon
DEW   Dragon Ear Wrap
EG   Egg Absinthe Glass (Blown)
EFSP   Eiffel Absinthe Spoon
SEESP   Eiffel Epoque Absinthe Spoon
EPAS   Epoque Absinthe Spoon
ETSP   Etoilles Absinthe Spoon
PAFG   Fairy Absinthe Glass (Crystal)
AFSG   Fairy Absinthe Shot Glass (Crystal)
FLSP   Flame Absinthe Spoon
FLC   Fluted Absinthe Carafe
FAC   Francaise Absinthe Carafe
GSB   Glass Sugar Bowl
GSB2   Glass Sugar Bowl II
GAGL   Gothic Style Absinthe Glass (Crystal)
GFN   Green Fairy Absinthe Necklace
GFCH   Green Fairy Choker
GFN1   Green Fairy Necklace
GII   GrillagĂ©e II Absinthe Spoon
GRSP   Grillagee Absinthe Spoon
ITJ6600   Imco Triplex Junior 6600 Lighter
JDGLD   Jade Absinthe Spoon
JAS   Joanne Absinthe Spoon
L4   Lady Absinthe Fountain 4/6 Spout
L4S   Lady Metal Absinthe Fountain Set 4/6 Spout
L2   Lady Petite Absinthe Fountain 2 Spout
L2S   Lady Petite Absinthe Fountain Set 2 Spout
LW4   Lady Wings Absinthe Fountain 4/6 Spout
LW4S   Lady Wings Absinthe Fountain Set 4/6 Spout
LW2   Lady Wings Petite Fountain 2 Spout
LW2S   Lady Wings Petite Fountain Set 2 Spout
LES   Lafee Eye Spoon
LOSSP   Losanges Absinthe Spoon
Lyn   Lyonnais Absinthe Glass (Molded)
LYNP   Lyonnais Absinthe Glass Petite (Molded)
PRG   Magnifique Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Blown)
MOC   Modern Absinthe Carafe
OGR   Obsidian Absinthe Grille
OLS   Ornate Leaf Absinthe Spoon
OVSP   Ouvragee Absinthe Spoon
PASG   Pedestal Absinthe Shot Glass (Blown)
PSP   Petite Sugar Platter
LTS   Petits Trous Absinthe Spoon
AFG   Pewter Fairy Absinthe Grille
PAC   Pontarlier Absinthe Carafe
PIID   Pontarlier Absinthe Glass & Metal Dripper Set
PC   Pontarlier Carafe
PF   Pontarlier Reservoir (Blown With Facettes)
PNF   Pontarlier Reservoir (Blown-No Facettes)
PII   Pontarlier Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Molded)
PSB   Pontarlier Sugar Bowl
GPST   Poster Gothica (16 by 12 in)
MS   Pyrogene Match Striker
RF   Rozier Absinthe Fountain 4 Spout
RFST   Rozier Absinthe Fountain Set 4 Spout
RFF   Rozier Fee Absinthe Fountain 4 Spout
RFFS   Rozier Fee Absinthe Fountain Set 4 Spout
SMPST   Sandeman Porto & Sherry Poster (36 by 24 in)
SBP   Sebor Absinthe Pipe
SKS   Skull Absinthe Spoon (Tempus Fugit)
CSG   Skull Glass (Blown)
SSP   SlipStream Absinthe Pipe
BSSP   Soleil Brass
CLSP   Spoon Classic
SBC   Square Bottom Absinthe Carafe
AGG   Sterling Artemis Absinthe Grille
AGP   Sterling Pan Absinthe Grille
SSASP   Sterling Silver Absinthe Spoon
TAR   Tarragona Absinthe Glass (Blown)
TARA   Tarragona Absinthe Glass - Alandia
TLS   Toulouse Lautrec Absinthe Spoon
TAS   Trous Absinthe Spoon
VT   Twisted Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Blown)
UF   Ultra Absinthe Fountain 4 Spout
UAF   Ultra Absinthe Fountain Set 4 Spout
UQFT   Un Aquitaine Absinthe Fountain 1 Spout
UNAQST   Un Aquitaine Absinthe Fountain Set 1 Spout
URSB   Uranium Absinthe Sugar Bowl
URTSB   Uranium Torsade Sugar Bowl
VAZ   Verre Azur Bubble Reservoir Glass (Blown)
VGL   Versailles Absinthe Glass (Molded)
LMP   Verte Lady Green Fairy Absinthe Lamp (Fountain Quality)
1910PST   Verte Prohibition Poster (16 by 12 in)
WFN   Wormwood Fairy Necklace
WWLCH   Wormwood Leaf Spoon - Premium
WWLC   Wormwood Leaf Spoon - Standard
BERY   Yvonne Absinthe Glass (Blown)
PERY   Yvonne Absinthe Glass (Molded)

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