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Absinthe Fountain Maintenance & Repair

Absinthe Fountain Maintenance, Repair & Spigot Replacement

Maintenance & Repair

With proper maintenance, your fountain will last many lifetimes. How often you need to perform maintenance depends on how often the fountain is used. You can reduce maintenance by not leaving water in your fountain for extended periods. It is best to empty and dry your fountain after each use. You can also repair a leaking fountain by following the instructions below .

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1.) Spigot Removal & Re-Installation

A. Identifying Your Spigot Style

There are 3 basic types of spigot valves that are identical except for how the spigot insert is held in place. After identifying your spigot, remove retainers and move on to Part B - Cleaning & Lubricating .

Assorted Fountain Spigots

Type 1 has a small nut (1/4 or 15/64) and washer on the bottom. Remove washer and nut minding which side of each faces the spigot so they can be re-installed the same way. After re-installation, tighten nut more or less to adjust water flow.

Type 2 has a c-clip mount. Remove c-clip by popping it out with small tipped screw driver, pin or tweezers. The clip is soft and will easily bend. Try not to distort the clip more than needed for removal to simplify re-installation. To re-install, put clip into channel on insert and squeeze into place. If a portion of the clip is still sticking out, hold clip in place while pushing on the extended portion with your screw driver, pin or tweezers.

Type 3 has a spring mount. Remove spring by pushing it into channel on one side while pulling off other side of spring with your fingernail. To re-install, put 1 side of the spring into channel of insert and pull other side over bottom of spigot and snap into place.

B. Cleaning & Lubricating

Before We Begin

It is best to work on one spigot at a time as inserts should be re-installed in the spigot socket from which it was removed. As the fountain ages, the spigot key/insert becomes closely matched with the socket. After your first cleaning, it will actually be a better fit than when it was new. If you plan to remove all spigots at one time, mark each spigot key/insert and the spigot it was removed from with something that is easily wiped off.

After removing spigot retainer. Tap lightly on bottom of spigot to remove insert. Clean insert with non-abrasive, non-toxic cleaner. NEVER use abrasive cleaners as they will “scar” the insert
and cause leaking. Clean the socket of the spigot the same way. Use special care to avoid getting debris in the holes of the insert or socket. You can clean the holes with a small wire if needed. *Once spigot insert and seat are smooth and clean, apply a thin coat of a non-toxic lubricant. Vaseline, lanolin or food grade lubricant work best. Reassemble spigot.

*Note: You can also blow into the open spigot valve, once reassembled, to clear debris.

2.) Spigot Assembly Removal

Normally you will not remove the spigot assembly (removable base at bottom of bowl). If water starts leaking from the area between the bowl and spigots, assembly should be removed and reset. You will need someone with strong hands. Wear thick gloves in the event the glass breaks to avoid injury. After removing bowl from pedestal, place one hand over spigot assembly and grip tightly (See Below). DO NOT put pressure on the spigots. With your other hand, grip the bowl with your thumb on the outside of the bowl and your four fingers inside the bowl. Turn base counter clockwise.

After removing glass bowl, remove gasket and clean all metal surfaces, including threads, with non-abrasive cleaner. Also clean gasket with warm soapy water. Apply a thin coating of Vaseline, lanolin or food grade lubricant to gasket and threads on bowl. Reassemble making sure gasket is centered and seated properly. Gasket in picture (below center) is seated properly. Note: Spigots have been removed. If your gasket is smaller than shown, hold spigot base level while attaching bowl so gasket does not shift. Or, place bowl upside down and position gasket on bowl then attach spigot assembly.
*Lubricant will help hold gasket in place. Last image shows mating surface on bottom of bowl for spigot assembly. Hand tighten only.

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