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After being in the absinthe accessory business for many years, I know that poor quality is not the norm and this is not acceptable to us. But it does shed light on the business model of sellers who rely on the naivety of shoppers to purchase sub-par products. Use caution as some sellers are claiming their fountains have no issues or they manufacture their own or the defects are "Part Of The Pieces Charm". Be VERY cautious of Ebay & Amazon. See Original Post Below

To Our Loyal Customers,

For 15 years, we have provided the best quality metal absinthe fountains to our dedicated clientele. Over that time, we've ALWAYS physically inspected and water-leak checked every fountain for quality and appearance ensuring your fountain is flawless and will look beautiful for many years to come. In fact, we removed and re-sealed the spigots on all fountains sold as this was the most common area to see leaking.

In The Interest Of Transparency
Recently, we noticed a problem with fountain quality and have been returning 50-60% of our metal fountains to the manufacturer due to unacceptable quality control. I will not sell inferior quality products. As such, I can no longer offer metal absinthe fountains. There are currently poor quality, metal fountains being sold worldwide at outlets including Ebay, Amazon and various retail stores. Some vendors even say their fountains are not affected as they "manufacture" their own which is simply not true.

Identifying A Bad Fountain
Use caution when buying a metal absinthe fountain. Inspect it carefully when it arrives. Make certain you are not required to pay return shipping cost if you receive an unsatisfactory fountain. Also, look at the glass bowl making sure it is sitting level, especially the "Lady" style fountain that may have incorrect positioning of the mounting cup held in the Ladies hand. You may also see chipping nickel plate, misaligned spigots and spigots that leak badly.

I want to thank you all in advance for your understanding and will restock the metal fountains as soon as their quality is up to par.