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Glasses Available In Fountain Sets

All fountains are available for purchase as sets that include glasses and spoons. Below are the glasses available for most sets. PLEASE NOTE: Some glasses require an upgrade charge. To see if your glass requires an upgrade charge, use the drop-down menu on the fountain page. Glasses requiring an additional charge are noted.
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Bistro Absinthe Glass La Rochere Perigord 621001 Lyonnais Absinthe Glass La Rochere 631701 La Rochere Bistrot Absinthe glass pontarlier 608001
Pontarlier Reservoir Blown No Facets Yvonne Absinthe Glass La Rochere Perigord 621101 Versailles Absinthe Glass La Rochere 631601
Lyonnais Absinthe Glass La Rochere 626501 Absinthe Glass Green Bistro La Rochere Bee 611003 Pontarlier Reservoir Blown With Facets
Magnifique Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Blown) Twisted Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Blown) Verre Azur Reservoir Absinthe Glass (Blown)
Magnifique Reservoir Absinthe Glass Azure (Blown)