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Deluxe Absinthe Fountain Set 4 Spout Etched Glass
Etched  Skull Deluxe 4 Spout Absinthe Fountain With Glasses & Spoons

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Deluxe Skull Etched 4 Spout Fountain Set

Custom Skull Etched Mouth-blown crystal Absinthe fountain (Not the less expensive alternative Soda-Lime Glass) is resistant to both temperature and breakage and is very light weight. Etching reads "PERNOD". Ships from inside USA - no problems with Customs, shipping damage, returns, exchanges etc. Imported from Europe. 19 in. tall with top, 8.5 in. table to spouts, holds 1.5 litre.

Custom etching is available! Use your design or we'll design it for you. Contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: These are genuine borosilicate crystal fountains. They are not Amazon or auction site fountains. Know what you are buying.

Set Includes
4 Spout Etched Absinthe Fountain
2 or 4 Glasses - 10 Styles Available

2 or 4 Spoons - 10 Styles Available
Sugar Cubes
Illustrated Instructions For Preparing Your Absinthe

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Price: $174.99

Availability:: Ships In 24 Hours
Product Code: E4SSE

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During the Belle Epoque, Absinthe Fountains were brought to your table so you could prepare your absinthe to your taste. Absinthe fountains are by far the best way to properly louche an absinthe as you have precise control of the drip rate of the water.

Using A Fountain: Add approximately one ounce of absinthe to your glass. A quality absinthe will usually provide the best louche at a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio. Place your Absinthe Spoon on top of your glass and a sugar cube on the spoon. Position your glass so the water drips over the cube. Turn the spigot on the fountain to your desired drip rate. A steady drip to a slow stream is preferred.

As water is added to the absinthe, the alcohol concentration falls allowing the release of herbal oils and aromas held in concentration by the high alcohol content of absinthe. The herbal oils form the louche lending a milky white, opalescent appearance to the drink.

Remember: Always use ice cold, pure water for the best tasting drink.

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